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3 Win-Loss Secrets from the C-Suite

How a CEO, CGO and Board Director use win-loss in their roles.



Win-Loss helps us know if we either forecasted incorrectly or if something went wrong in the deal.

Tom Ebling
Former CEO, Demandware


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When Tom Ebling was CEO at Demandware, he insisted on a loss review of every deal that made it to a certain stage in the pipeline.


“It helped us know if we forecasted incorrectly… or if something went wrong in the deal.”

Tom then had the marketing team present a summary of these win-loss findings for the entire leadership team.

The three things these read-outs always included?

  1. Key findings. What were notable trends emerging?
  2. New developments.What new changes were happening within deals?

To find out the third and final section, grab our latest resource ‘Three win-loss secrets from the C-Suite'. 

Plus, other win-loss tips from execs and board members that you can use to nail how you deliver win-loss to close out the year.

(These tips are pulled from appearances on Blindspots, a Klue Original on the Compete Network hosted by Ryan Sorley, VP of Win-Loss.)