Competitive Intelligence is a two-way street. 

Competitive intelligence is a critical function for any growing organization but most often, it isn’t given the focus it needs.

In this session Vijai Shankar shares how he built a winning competitive intelligence program for success at Uniphore. You will learn the key components to competitive intelligence, how to select the right sales tool, how to roll out and continue building for continued success.

Key Takeaways

  • How to define a winning CI program
  • How to select a tool that best drives your success
  • How to continue to build on the initial success including driving win/loss programs.



About The Speaker


Vijai Shankar
Vice President Product Marketing, Uniphore

Vijai Shankar is Vice President of Product Marketing at Uniphore. In his executive role as Vice President of Product Marketing, Vijai leads Uniphore’s messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategy including account-based marketing, content creation, sales enablement, evangelism and competitive intelligence initiatives.

Prior to Uniphore, Vijai was the Head of Product Marketing at Xactly Corporation, where he built and led the product marketing team to drive messaging, CI, and GTM strategy initiatives. Before Xactly, he held senior product marketing roles at companies like [24], Kony, Genesys and VeriSign.

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