Collaborating and Competing in a Remote-First Workplace

Increase the collaboration of your internal teams with competitive enablement strategies. Keep Sales & Product Marketing teams in-sync as companies adapt to remote work.


58 min

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In a remote first workplace, knowledge sharing in the office has changed.

With tribal knowledge sharing now happening online, there is an opportunity to capture more competitive insights across departments. 

In this on-demand webinar, Niresan Seevaratnam, Customer Success Manager at Klue, and Jeremy Goldstein, Solutions Engineer at Slack, discuss how to maintain the bridge between Product Marketing and Sales.

Here's what we'll cover

  • How to collect intel from sales teams by establishing collaborative spaces
  • The difference between competitive enablement for sales vs. product teams
  • New ways to engage product marketing in sales deals

About The Speakers

Niresan Seevaratnam
Competitive Program Strategist, Klue

Niresan, based out of Toronto, is a Customer Success Manager at Klue consulting with Enterprise organizations to help guide them on how to build an enterprise-wide competitive enablement strategy.

With more than 7 years of experience working in both Sales and Account Management in the SaaS space, his focus is understanding the jobs that customers struggle with and enabling teams to unlock value in the tools they use to solve those problems.

Jeremy Goldstein
Solutions Engineer, Klue

Jeremy, based out of Toronto, is a Product Marketer turned Solutions Engineer that is energized by building and bringing great products to market and helping enterprise organizations evolve.

He has worked with Go-To-Market teams across a wide range of industries including a Solutions Consultant role at Hootsuite then moving into Product Marketing at Taplytics and now currently as a Solutions Engineer at Slack. 

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