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Your Guide to Conducting Competitive Win-Loss Interviews_Website Resource_2024-1

Conducting Competitive Win-Loss Interviews

Everything you need to nail that next win-loss call.

60% of sales reps are wrong (1)

Sales reps are wrong about why they win or lose deals more than 60% of the time.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your win-loss analysis. Learn the essentials to conducting win-loss effectively, including:

  • 4 secrets to conducting an interview that generates the most competitive insights.
  • 10 sections that guide your interviews and when to introduce them.
  • 50+ questions that you can take for your next win-loss call. Today.

From the experts


Miko Bird, Acquia

"Win-loss interviews provide us with
a rich source of competitive insights
and intel which we use to increase
awareness in sales and arm sellers
with effective tools & strategies to win."

Headshot_BlueCircle_Ryan Sorley2

Ryan Sorley, DoubleCheck

"Direct buyer intelligence gathered and analyzed in a thoughtful and prescriptive manner not only increases the value of competitive programs exponentially but fuels strategic planning across the organization."


Ciana Abdollohian, Zerto

"The market is saturated with vendors so competitive insights are critical to our ability to sell... now we have more competitive content as a result of the win-loss program."m"