The Gong & Klue Playbook

A step-by-step playbook on how to use Gong intel in your competitive program.


Supercharge your Klue battlecards with Gong. 

Things happen fast in the field. Integrate Gong into your competitive program to capture the competitive intel that might slip through the cracks. 

Turn that deal-closing intel into competitive ammo for your battlecards.

Here’s what’s in the playbook

  • • How to use Gong to track objections, capture field knowledge, and monitor mentions
  • • Step-by-step guide to turning talk tracks into insights on the fly with real-life examples
  • • Validate your competitive intel with what your sales reps are really hearing

Step-by-Step Guide for Using Gong Intel in your Competitive Enablement Program

Example of Gong Snippet from reps embedded into battlecard

Turn successful talk-tracks into repeatable wins.

Listen to your best salespeople, capture how they handle that objection, and easily compile those best responses into the relevant battlecard for other reps to learn from.

How to Track Competitor Mentions in Gong

Understand what your competitors are saying about you.

Use Gong's tagging feature to automatically flag and share any mention of a competitor. Saving time on collection means that intel gets into the hands of reps quicker.

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