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Competitive Confidence Survey

Grab this template to survey your sales team's competitive confidence, and become your rep's best friend in that next neck-and-neck deal.

Competitive Confidence: The metric you need to start using in 2022.

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This template will help you launch an internal survey to:

🔍 Identify knowledge gaps reps currently have to help you find ‘quick wins’

👀 Spot new competitors that are emerging and giving reps trouble

🔮 Get visibility and feedback into what reps want

💸 Prove your impact by tracking improvements in seller confidence

Experts using the Competitive Confidence Survey

Tirrah Switzer

Tirrah Switzer, Community Brands

“Building a competitive program without input from sales would be a waste of time. Aligning with my sales team from the beginning is what helped me stay on track and understand what to change along the way.”

Ben Scheerer, Red Hat

Ben Scheerer, Red Hat

“We run a survey to get that touchpoint on where our competition is the highest.”

Brandon Bedford

Brandon Bedford, Klue

"Being able to overlay a confidence score and say ‘not only are we winning more against these competitors, but our reps are feeling more confident going against them,’ you're now starting to tell a compelling story to leadership.”