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Competitive Intelligence Software that Wins Business.

Collect, curate, and deliver competitive intelligence across every department of every business.

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Stay ahead of the competition with Klue


increase in total win rate

Help your sales team win more business with dynamic battlecards.


increase in competitive win rate

Find intel and deliver timely insights to revenue teams to win more deals.


more competitors covered

Implement a scalable workflow for competitive intelligence.

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Klue features at a glance


Track Competitors

Keep an eye on competitor websites, pricing, and product changes, news releases, reviews, and more.


Curate battlecards

Arm your sales team with winning battlecards for specific competitors, scenarios, and deals.


Keep your team informed

Make sure your team is all on the same page by sending intel digests on a regular cadence.


Collect intel on the go

Use the Klue browser extension to collect intel from social media, news publications, websites, and more.


See what works best

Get a full 360-degree picture of which battlecards are being used the most frequently.


Collaborate in real time

Facilitate two-way conversations via Slack, Teams, Salesforce, email and more.

“We've gone from covering 12 companies to 54 with the same team. Klue enables us to cover more competitors and go deeper on the ones that matter.”

Headshot_BlueCircle_Jay Nakagawa

Jay Nakagawa

Director, Competitive Intelligence, Dell Technologies

Cover 10x more competitors with automated intel

Never miss a piece of critical intel. Klue collects data from millions of sources and uses AI to surface the most relevant competitive intelligence for your business.

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Boost your win rate with more effective battlecards

Improve sales performance by delivering better battlecards. Klue battlecards improve win rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase average deal size.

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Show your direct revenue impact through reporting insights

Quickly ramp new reps on your own products and make sure they know how to position your products with key differentiators and proper messaging against your competitors.

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