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Competitive Enablement Business Case_FEATURE

Competitive Enablement Business Case

Your guide for building an action plan to close your company’s Competitive Revenue Gap with competitive enablement.


There's more heat in deals with more people chasing less pie.

Kris Hartvigsen,
CEO @ Dooly

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We’ve spoken with several revenue leaders and found that a few of their biggest concerns right now are focused on increasing win-rate efficiently and aligning team efforts in the same direction to hit targets.

To help you address these concerns, we’ve created the Competitive Enablement Business Case. This template covers everything you need to show the value that competitive enablement will bring to your organization.

Download the Competitive Enablement Business Case to learn:

    • The four things that keep CROs and Revenue Leaders up at night given the current market conditions.
    • What you need to build an ironclad case to improve sales efficiency with competitive enablement.
    • How to get revenue leadership buy-in to close your competitive revenue gap.