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Success-i-fying Competitive Enablement

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Success-ifying Competitive Enablement

When surveyed, we found that 54% of competitive experts AREN'T using reporting metrics. 

No reporting = no line sight into the dollars and cents

No dollars and cents = no strategic value

Let’s fix this.

In this episode of CE Live, Clara Smyth, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Slack, and Brandon Bedford, Competitive Enablement Manager at Klue, share the ways that they raise the value of competitive enablement in the business, including:

  • What KPIs and metrics to build your program around during your first 6 months in competitive enablement 📈
  • How Clara has elevated the stature of Compete at Slack 🏆
  • A guideline of the reporting metrics you can use to accelerate through each stage of competitive maturity 📝

Meet the hosts

Clara Smyth



Clara Smyth

Senior Product Marketing Manager






Brandon Bedford

Competitive Enablement Manager

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Adam McQueen

CE Live Show Host & Content Manager

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