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Closing the Deal: How PMMs and Sellers can partner to knock out competitors 


Closing the Deal: How PMMs and Sellers can partner to knock out competitors 

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An 85% competitive win rate sounds good, doesn't it? 

Find out what it takes to win more deals from a PMM and seller that know a thing or two about crushing competitors.

Mitch Comstock, Product Marketing Manager at LeadIQ, and Qayam Noorani, Account Executive at Klue, joined us on the Competitive Enablement Show to answer every question you have to help you close that next competitive deal. In this episode, we cover:

  • What competitive intel sales need at different stages of the deal.
  • How to use value wedges to sell against your competitors.
  • The secret to engaging sellers and building a winning partnership.

About The Speakers

Mitch Comstock
Product Marketing Manager, LeadIQ

Mitch is a Product Marketing Manager at LeadIQ who specializes in competitive intelligence and sales enablement. His last two stops have been as the first PMM at the company, focusing on building competitive programs amongst the other hundred things a solo product marketer has to juggle. He currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife, son, and two dogs and can often be found in his natural habitat of a brewery surrounded by a good history book or new board game.

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Qayam Noorani
Account Executive , Klue
As an Account Executive at Klue, Qayam Noorami is the guy to turn to for sales and prospecting insights. Qayam started off at Klue as an Account Specialist where he regularly tripled his quota, before moving into an Account Executive role with the team. Spoiler alert, he's crushing it in this role too. Q closed the most deals in 2021 and boasts one of the highest competitive win rates on the team — although some say a few of those closed deals can be attributed to the cuteness of his furry partner in crime and co-seller, Max.

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Adam McQueen
Content Manager, Klue

Klue's Content Lead and Host Adam McQueen brings his natural curiosity, bright smile, and charm to every interview, panel and webinar he hosts. A graduate of UBC's Journalism Program, and originally from Jolly Old England, Adam lives, breathes, eats and sleeps all things compete. Away from the mic, Adam is a competitive rugby player, loves jogging and (no surprise) listening to podcasts.

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