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Getting a Grip:

How to Prioritize Your Competitors in a Crowded Market

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Getting a Grip:

How to Prioritize Your Competitors in a Crowded Market

88% of product marketers feel that their market gets more competitive every year. 

As markets and competitors evolve, so should our competitive processes to track and prioritize them. If you've every struggled with this, have we got some NEWS for you...




On June 15, Mindy Regnell, Senior Market Intelligence Manager of PostScript, joined the CE Show and completed a deep dive into how compete teams can prioritize, and then beat their most pressing and threatening competitors.

We discussed A LOT, including:

  • How to identify and prioritize your competitors
  • The best ways to resource against competitors, depending on their threat to your business
  • Mindy's favourite differentiation strategies to knock out numerous competitors at once.

If you missed the live show, the recording is available to watch on-demand. 

Meet the Speakers


Adam McQueen

Content Manager + CE Live Show Host @ Klue

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 1.40.29 PM

Mindy Regnell

Senior Market Intelligence Manager @ Postscript

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