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Compete Week 2023 - Business Wargaming Exercise - Landing Page - V2

Business Wargaming 

This exercise will help your team think bigger, predict and mitigate risks better, and view your competitors from a more strategic lens.


Competitive wargames today often take weeks of prep and require days of participation. We decided to rethink this exercise to make it more achievable and actionable for Compete pros.

Brandon Bedford,
Manager, Competitive Enablement @ Klue

Headshot_BlueCircle_Brandon Bedford


Markets are changing fast. Competitors are able to add new functionality quicker.

Startups can stand up in a fraction of the time.

Here’s one of the best ways for you — and your leadership — to stay ahead of these changes 👇

Running a business wargame exercise.

Grab our latest resource that walks through how to run the exercise and includes a usable template you can steal so that your leadership team: 

🧠 Thinks Bigger
⚔️ Predicts and Mitigates Risks
🕵️‍♀️ Views your Competitors From a Strategic Lens

Let’s get your entire business two steps ahead of your competitor’s next move.