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Dismantling Competitors with Trap Questions & Battlecards

30 Minutes to President's Club x Klue



In today’s market, it’s almost certain that you’ll be running into competitors during your sales cycle.

Armand Farrokh
Founder and Host @ 30 Minute's to President's Club


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In today’s brutal market, you’re going to be facing a ton of different competitors.

Even if you’re the vendor of choice in the beginning of the deal cycle, it’s inevitable that prospects will be evaluating multiple vendors to find the best option.

You’ve got to stand out, and we’ll teach you how to do it today.

So here’s what we’ve got in store:

🔎 Figure Out If You’re In A Competitive Battle: See who you’re up against
🏆 Find Your Winning Zone: Outline the field & figure out how you will win
🧠 Ask Trap Questions & Compliment Competitors: Execute in your Winning Zone


About Klue

Klue exists to make sure reps close every winnable deal in their pipeline. Deals where the buyer evaluates their options, has the budget… but still can’t decide between you and your competitor.

We do this by providing sales leaders and their reps the insights they need on their biggest competitors, and how to use these within the deal so that they can spend more time closing.